In February 2017, we launched our video ministry in which we provide DVDs of the entire service to our church family upon request.  As a result, I no longer upload the audio or video presentations, except for those recorded at Alexander Chapel.  Instead, I’ll list the sermon titles and scripture text on a periodic basis.

Current Series – Walking Our Faith


Previous Series

Adventures in Faith

Resurrection Transformation
Stephen’s Story: Acts 6:1-15, Preached on 30 Apr 2017
At the Right Place at the Right Time: Acts 8:26-39, Preached on 7 May 2017
The Family of God: Acts 15:1-18, Preached on 14 May 2017
Grace Identity: Galatians 2:11-21, Preached on 21 May 2017
Free in Christ: Galatians 3:23-29, Preached on 28 May 2017
Fruit of the Spirit: Galatians 5:16-26, Preached on 4 June 2017

Simply Jesus

Are You Ready for Jesus?: Preached on 15 Jan 2017
Homecoming: Preached on 22 Jan 2017 (Video from Alexander Chapel)
Fishing: Preached on 29 Jan 2017  
Lord of the Sabbath: Preached on 5 Feb 2017  
Are You the One?: Luke 7:18-25, Preached on 12 Feb 2017
Forgiven at Jesus’ Feet: Luke 7:36-50, Preached on 19 Feb 2017
In the Shadow of the Transfiguration: Luke 9:28-45, Preached on 26 Feb 2017
Who Is My Neighbor?: Luke 10:25-42, Preached on 5 Mar 2017
News Travels Fast: Luke 13:31-35, Preached on 19 Mar 2017
Finding What Was Lost: Luke 15:1-32, Preached on 26 Mar 2017
Salvation Pictures: Luke 18:35-19:10, Preached on 2 Apr 2017
Triumph and Lament: Luke 19:29-44, Preached on 9 Apr 2017
A Resurrection Perspective: Luke 24:1-12, Preached on 16 Apr 2017 (Easter)
Walk to Emmaus: Luke 24:13-35, Preached on 23 Apr 2017

All I Want for Christmas
Based on the Book by James Moore
The Gift of Good News: Preached on 27 Nov 2016
The Gift of a New Understanding: Preached on 4 Dec 2016
The Gift of a Strong Foundation: Preached on 11 Dec 2016 (Video from Alexander Chapel)
The Gift of a New Style of Living: Preached on 18 Dec 2016
The Christmas Story: Preached on 25 Dec 2016
The Gifts We Give to Others – Epiphany : Preached on 1 Jan 2017 (Video from Alexander Chapel)

Living Hope/Standing Strong, Teaching from 1 Thessalonians
A Faith Worth Talking About: Preached on 9 Oct 2016
Can I Get a Witness?: Preached on 16 Oct 2016 (Video from Alexander Chapel)
Be Encouraged: Preached on 23 Oct 2016
Living to Please God: Preached on 30 Oct 2016
Our Hope: Preached on 6 Nov 2016
Final Words: Preached on 20 Nov 2016

Signs of the Times: Preached on 13 Nov 2016, Hank Jackson Preaching

Back to the Beginning, Stories from Genesis
Back to the Beginning: Preached on 4 Sep 2016
Back to Eden: Preached on 11 Sep 2016
Paradise Lost: Preached on 18 Sep 2016 (Video from Alexander Chapel)
A Heart Problem: Preached on 25 Sep 2016 (Video from Alexander Chapel, Marjory Kiess preaching)
Grace In the Midst of the Flood: Preached on 2 Oct 2016

Video and Text no longer available on the website.

2016 Sermons

Eastertide: Resurrection Power
Epiphany Time
Lent: A Journey of Hope
Pentecost Power
The Story of Heaven

2015 Sermons

Sent, an Advent Series
The Minor Prophets
Find Yourself in the Parables, The Parables of Jesus
The Ministry of Jesus
Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine Based on the Book and Video series by Max Lucado

2014 Sermons
Under Wraps … The Gift We Never Expected
Thanksgiving 2014
God’s Covenants
From Ordinary to Extraordinary! When ordinary people do extraordinary things in God’s kingdom
Prayer: Biblical Characters in Action
A Mighty Charge; the Power of the Holy Spirit
Alive! The Resurrection Appearances of Jesus
24/6, A Sabbath Prescription, a series based on 24/6: A Prescription for a Healthier, Happier Life by Matthew Sleet
Who Is This Jesus? Reflections from John’s Gospel
Starting the New Year Right!

2013 Sermons
First Sunday After Christmas Luke 2
Advent: Remembering Bethlehem, a series based on Christmas: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly by Richard Wilke
Thanksgiving and All Saints Sunday Psalms 69, 126 and Luke 19
Serious Christianity: From Chaos to Christ Titus
Faithful and Strong in a Tough World 2 Timothy
The Wisdom of Jesus: Part 2 Matthew 5-7 The Sermon on the Mount
24 Hours That Changed the World Mark 14-16, based on Adam Hamilton’s book and video
The Wisdom of Jesus: Part 1 Matthew 5-7 The Sermon on the Mount
Journey to Bethlehem Matthew and Luke, based on Adam Hamilton’s book and video